5 Goals for Jillablelife

My blog exists help myself and other professional women with beauty, lifestyle, gardening and hobby tips.

  1. Cut through the marketing hype to find skincare that works for women over 40.

I am fascinated by the science of skincare and want to share my knowledge with you! I have been meaning to start collecting my notes and thoughts on different skincare products and thought a blog might be a way to do this and to share with the world. I am in my 40’s with wrinkles and gray hairs starting the show up. I know this is part of the natural aging process, but I also want to look my best. I also think there is too much marketing around skincare. I want to help you cut through it to find the ingredients that work best for your skin. Good skincare helps me feel my best and I want to share that with you.

2. Provide makeup product reviews and tips to help you get out of the house quickly and looking your best.

I like to wear makeup to help me feel professional and confident at work. I rarely wear makeup on the weekends. Despite how much I like makeup, I’m not always that great at applying it so I look fresh and natural. I want to explore different makeup looks and tricks so you can see if they might work for you. I also want to share my recommendations for products worth your money. Makeup full of branding and hype, which serves to justify inflated prices on products that are just not worth it.

3. Help you become a better gardener and to have more fun gardening.

I want to share my interest in gardening with anyone and everyone who wants to learn. I started gardening a few years ago and still have a lot to learn. Most of my gardening knowledge has come from trial and error, but it has become a fun hobby. I also want to garden to help feed my family, and to show my son where his food comes from. My goal is to figure out how to grow the most food possible for my family so I can go to the grocery store less and less. I’m starting with one raised bed to see how I can maximize my output. I want to share this new hobby with you so you can learn with me.

4. I want to help you start that hobby you have always wanted to try by following my journey in learning how to sew and quilt.

I have wanted to learn how to sew and quilt for many years. However, it was hard finding the time to do it while working full time and caring for a baby. My sone is a little older now, and I am starting to carve out time to learn how to sew. I want to record my journey and inspire you to start that hobby you have always been wanting to try.

My interest in sewing is because I love shopping for clothes and I spend too much on them! Sometimes, however, I wonder if I could make something for much less money than I’m spending. I also know that the “fast fashion” culture is starting to have environmental impact. Recently, I’ve seen clothes advertised that look like the kind of garment I could make and so I’ve hit “pause” on my spending habits to see if I can learn how to sew my own clothes. I also have aspirations of making awesome halloween costumes for my sone as he grows older as my mom did for me.

5. I want to entertain and share knowledge with my readers

I read blogs to entertain myself, and to find answers to problems. I find that there is a ton of great information on Youtube, but sometimes I can’t watch a video. Instead, I want to read an informative blog post about a topic. I want to provide these kinds of informative blog posts that you will find entertaining and useful.

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