Jillablelife Was Specifically Designed For YOU (and here’s why)

by Oct 20, 20200 comments

I started this blog because I wanted to read in-depth blog articles about my interests. I am tired of looking around and reading short articles with catchy titles without substance (to tempt you into clicking on affiliate links). I have learned much about skincare and makeup from watching Youtube, but the lack of corresponding written information is frustrating. It’s hard to refer back to a video over and over to refresh your memory, and a written article is much easier to access. Plus, you can’t always access video content (such as during a commute). This blog is meant to be that resource for you (and me) when you can’t access videos or just want to read interesting reviews.

I also find there is a lack of trusted sites for makeup and skincare reviews for women over 40. In a later post I’ll talk about the influencers I like, but I want to be a resource for women with “mature skin” or women “over-40.”

Finally, if you are interested in some of the same things that I am, such as your professional life, beauty, gardening, cooking, sewing, and raising your kid(s), I will share my projects and attempts with you so you can learn from my mistakes!

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