I’m Jill Cartwright 

About Jill

Hi, I’m Jill!  My friends know me as a mom, lawyer, and spouse.  My secret passions are beauty and skin care, gardening, and baking.  (I also help out with my husband’s dog boarding business.)

My passion for beauty and skin care started off by reading “Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me” in the early 2000s while hanging out at Borders in Glendale, California.  I was working a minimum wage job and knew no one in Los Angeles.  I was surrounded by the beautiful people of Hollywood (including taking yoga classes at the Hollywood YMCA with the latest guest stars on CSI, Law & Order, etc. – it was weird to see people who looked so familiar yet who I didn’t know!) and this book stuck out to me.  I became a beauty enthusiast at that point and have been focusing on my skincare ever since.  I’ve learned about various ingredients and what works for me.  With the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve been much more focused on skincare, but I’ve been terrible at journaling and keeping notes of products.  I thought starting this blog might help me keep track of skincare that I like and don’t like, and to share my knowledge.  

 I’ve also really like gardening in my sunny, Berkeley, CA backyard.  I’ve heard I’m supposed to keep a garden journal but I haven’t been good about it.  I thought I could use this blog to keep my notes and share my progress with whoever finds this interesting. 

 I’m also a baker.  My parents always said that I have the Vogt baking gene.  My great grandfather founded Vogt’s bakery in New London, Connecticut after immigrating from Germany.  I never knew him, but I love baking.  

 Professionally, I’m a lawyer and so I must add a disclaimer that all opinions on this site are my own and not those of my employer. And of course, nothing on this site is meant to be legal advice.  If you find me on LinkedIn, feel free to connect!  

 I hope you enjoy reading my articles and find them useful!